In MW Services, we have a qualified economist who specializes in accounting and tax reporting for self-employed.

Are you self-employed or have thoughts of becoming so?, please, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation on accounting and reporting of tax and VAT. In MW Services we combine the personal service with factual knowledge and we speak your language.

If you already have an accountant, but you may find that communication is difficult or you need a different approach and insight into the Spanish system, we gladly handle a free switch to MW Services.


MW Services offers counseling in the process of creation and implementation of a company. This is a process that can be difficult to get through, not so much because of its complexity, but more in terms of administrative and formality procedures relating to the constitution and formalization.

When deciding to set up a business there are a number of factors to take into account and you should include them in the business plan: Definition of activity, development and planning, risk assessment, financial capacity, market studies.

The next step is to choose the legal form taking into account a number of key factors: type of activity, number of partners, the amount of capital and liability insurance. Depending on the legal form, there must be carried out a series of constitutional procedures in order to get the business started.

Technological advances has made the process of presenting documentation easier as for the constitution of the business is referred, but pointing somebody by proxy or authorizing someone by powers of attorney to represent you at the public authorities is still necessary in many cases.

Finally, you must also consider looking at funding programs for entrepreneurs and SMEs and the type of staff recruitment contract you’ll choose.

MW Services can help you with all this.


MW Services offers a range of services for new entrepreneurs, in Spanish AUTONOMO. If you are self-employed and prefer to stay focused in your business and not having to spend resources and time in things such as accounting, VAT and tax, we can offer our help. As a self-employed, it is important to know your rights and obligations, for example, in terms of what/how you have to meet your accounts and deadlines for reporting VAT and tax to tax authorities.

Here are some examples of enquiries to be aware of as a self-employed in Spain:

– As a self-employed, you get demanded for payment of your taxes on account installment of your net profits every quarter. In 2014, the tax rate on-account was 20%. Late delivery of quarterly tax forms are penalized.

– VAT is also accounted quarterly. Negative amounts of VAT return can be transferred to the next quarter.

– If your business includes export and / or import of goods and services from other countries, you must register with this activity in an EU registry, and regularly inform about your activities on a special form to the tax office.

– Deductible expenses in the performance of the company’s activities.


MW Services have cooperated with Danish companies of marketing and conducted interview surveys of leading Danish industrial companies in Spain. Those surveys were part of introductory campaigns of their products in Spain for some and for others, they were used to improve their market position of their already introduced products. MW Services translated and adapted questionnaires to Spanish and helped with feedback about Spanish working conditions and cultural habits. MW Services can reliably deliver the message and interpret the Spanish mentality and ensure that results are delivered correctly and adequately to the Danish and English market.

MW Services has carried out assignments for the following companies:

Aalund Research



Neg Micon (merged with Vestas)