Have you tried to learn Spanish or are you taking a course?

Here at MW Languages or at our online education blog, you can get a wide range of exercises and articles to broaden your knowledge. Exercises cover grammar questions and the articles talk about Spanish culture, history, interesting stories, entertaining quiz and everyday situations you can combine with your classes.

What makes MW Languages a difference? We can help you with everyday situations and dialogues that can be used immediately in your conversations.

At MW Languages you can have both regular private lessons or online classes and perhaps an even better solution: both. On the blog you will find a number of exercises, evaluable tests, videos, and audios. All what you can think of that suits your learning progress and your level. Remember that you are the most important part of the course, so keep your motivation and focus strongly on the target, so we can guarantee that you will fall in love with Spanish!

The modules are divided into Beginners, Easy-Intermediate and Intermediate.


Before starting, we have a chat with you to assess your language skills and recommend you the level that we believe is best suited for you. In the interview, you can tell us about the aspects that you want to get covered in the teaching, and what your main needs and expectations are.


The pages are written in English and Spanish to help students understand the most common and everyday language structures. It is advisable to use at least 10 minutes a day to study and review the grammar. Moreover, in order to get a deeper understanding, it will be important to combine grammatical exercises and in some cases, explanatory videos.


Once you have gone through all the concepts, you should start with the practical exercises. Each module includes various exercises to consolidate everything learned in the theoretical part. We recommend making a few exercises every day, so that the knowledge settle. When you finish the exercises, you will be able to check your knowledge with a self-assessment test. All students must pass the self-assessment test to get to the next level.


It is recommended regardless of age. Student motivation is intrinsic, but practice makes the difference. When students feel comfortable in the module and see what they really have learned, it is the moment to send their assignments to correction.

The strength of MW Languages project is that we constantly follow up on our students. The teacher regularly monitors the work that the student performs and gives feedback on the development of the module and strengthens the weak points.