The work of interpretation is one of the most demanded among our services for both private meetings and for international business meetings (meetings, conferences, conventions, corporate visits). In MW Languages, we offer you an interpreting service which suits both your work schedule, the subject being treated and the working language you need. Our professional interpreters ensure absolute confidentiality of all topics, something that is very delicate in the business environment competitiveness.

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Italian, French, German, and Russian are the languages we work most with, but if you need our services for a different language, please contact us without any compromise.

MW Languages offers the following types of interpretation:


This type of interpretation is very demanding and usually requires the use of special equipment. For simultaneous interpretation, interpreters regularly work in pairs to maintain a high level of concentration. Simultaneous interpreting is mainly used for mass meetings, lectures, speeches, seminars, trade shows or other large sites.

Another type of simultaneous interpretation is the direct interpretation or “face to face” interpretation which is considered an almost simultaneous interpretation on the mobile phone or through videoconference. In the first case, there is a double handsfree connected to a mobile phone, from which two speakers of different languages talk through an interpreter that translates the distance conversation from the other end of the line. In the second case, it is a video connection from Skype or other system designated by the client in an also dual-band.

This service eliminates language barriers between two or more people from different cultures enabling immediate understanding.


In this type of interpretation, you listen carefully and take note of the speaker’s message; pauses are used to interpret briefly the main ideas of the message. Consecutive interpreting is often used in affidavits, court procedures, training activities, witness testimony, short business meetings, press conferences, medical environments and job interviews. It is also ideal for private business meetings between architect and builder or client at building a property. We quote below other practical examples:

1 In cases of treatment or hospitalization. Contact with nurse, home visits and health assistant.
2 In consultation with the doctor, specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist.
3. At schools, and briefings between teachers and parents, therapists, teachers support.
5 Police and Guardia Civil.
6. Co-owners associations, and other associations.
7 Embassies and Consulates

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