Should I change my driver's license to a Spanish one?

Basically, all licenses issued in one of the EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein are valid for driving in Spain.

However, the following rules apply:

  • The license must be valid in your home country
  • If you are resident in Spain the Spanish rules for validity and extension, physical requirements and penalty points are applied.
  • If the license is without an expiration date, and you are resident in Spain, the license must be exchanged for a Spanish driving license within 2 years after you have been resident.
Can I buy and sell a car in Spain?

Both residents and non-residents can buy and sell cars in Spain.

If the car is purchased from a dealer, it is usually the dealer who ensures that the car will be re-registered in the new owners name.

Many choose to buy and sell private, and in this case both parts are responsible for the car being re-registered. For the seller, it is important to be sure that the car is re-registered in the new owner’s name as he or she else will continue to be responsible for paying the road tax to the municipality and possible fines etc. The costs to re-registrate the car is a fee to Tráfico (the Motor Office) plus a transfer tax of 4 or 8% – depending on the engine size – of the car’s current value. The car’s current value is calculated from the official price list from the tax office. Many choose to let MW Services perform the change of ownership, since it is not entirely unproblematic to complete the process correctly.

Can I have my own foreigh registrated car matriculated in Spain?

If you are resident in Spain it is, according to the latest revision of the Road Traffic Act, mandatory to matriculate your foreign registered car.

This process most times takes up to 3 weeks and involves that the car must go through a MOT inspection here in Spain and subsequently be registered in Tráfico (The Motor office). Most people choose MW Services to do this, since there must be carried out a number of actions in the process which one need to be aware of in advance.

The costs to matriculate the car is typically 600-700 euros in fixed costs (type-approval report, MOT fee, Trafico fee, road tax to the townhall and Gestor fee) plus the registration tax, which is based on the car’s price, age and engine size. The smaller and more modern car, the less charge. The charge is zero if the car’s CO2 emissions are below 120 g / km, and 16.90% of the car’s current value if CO2 emissions are higher than 200 g / km.

What to do if I get a fine?

Anyone can be unlucky and get a traffic fine. It may be a parking ticket or speeding or otherwise. It is important to know that for the vast majority of fines a 50 % reduction is applied if paid within 20 days from the day they are received.

What is the blood alcohol limit in Spain?

The legal limit in Spain is 0.5. The fine starts at 500 euros and goes up to 1000 euros at a BAC of 1.00. Then you move into the field of license revocation and imprisonment.

If bicycling?

It is mandatory for children under 16 to wear helmets in cities.

It is not allowed to drive with headphones on main roads.